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The journey and stages of creating your website

the beginning:

To get started, please contact me through the Contact Us section of this site or email me directly. This initial interaction sets the stage for understanding the specific needs, goals, and design preferences you may have. For this reason, we will send you a form through which we will try to help you.:

Project proposal:

After our first discussion, I will give you a comprehensive suggestion. This document will describe the project scope, expected timeline, and detailed cost estimates. Your agreement to this proposal marks the beginning of our formal commitment.

Planning stage:

Once our agreement is formalized, we move into the planning phase. During this phase, I will create a mockup or mockup of your website design. This serves as a visual representation of your feedback and ensures that we closely align with your vision for the project.

Development process with WordPress:

Taking advantage of the powerful capabilities of WordPress, the development phase begins. This phase involves translating the approved design into a fully functional website. Throughout this process, I will keep you informed, providing regular updates and opportunities for feedback.

Testing and quality assurance:

Rigorous testing is an essential step in this process. Before delivery, the website undergoes extensive testing to ensure functionality, responsiveness and compatibility across different devices and browsers. Any issues identified during testing are resolved immediately.

Publication and completion:

After successful testing and final approval, the site is ready for publication. I will manage the technical aspects of launching your site, ensuring a smooth transition to the live environment.

Customer training:

After launch, I provide training on WordPress administration. This ensures that you are equipped to handle routine updates, content additions, and other daily tasks related to your website. Allowing you to manage your site independently is a key aspect of my service.

Ongoing support:

After the launch, my commitment continues. I provide ongoing support to answer any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring the continued success of your WordPress site. Your satisfaction remains our top priority throughout our cooperation.


These stages are not binding, but are for guidance only, and the most important reference for us remains the ongoing desires of our customers

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